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Author: Donald E. Gasser
Subtitle: A Lifetime of Opportunity and Hope Bestowed to a Swiss-Anchored, Faith-Based Family of Nine, Thanks to Valiant and Godly Forefathers
Format: hardcover
Pages: 608
Price: $27.95

From the back cover:

     It was in 1570 that a little boy, Pauli Gasser, was born in the small village of Belp, a canton of Bern, Switzerland. Twenty years later, in another small village less than forty miles away, in the canton of Uerkheim, Aargau, another boy was born. What could possibly become the vein that would connect the twenty-year-old Pauli with the newborn Andres Hurtzeler? It is virtually inconceivable that their paths ever intersected, or had they any common social or religious connections whatsoever. Lead, Guide, and Direct chronicles the consequences of joining their two totally independent threads when the seventh great-grandson of Pauli and the seventh great-granddaughter of Andres, randomly growing up within five miles of each other in northeastern Wayne County, Ohio; embraced by a conservative, Anabaptist-based, spiritual denomination, and being clothed with humility, became subject to one another in holy matrimony. Drawing from detailed records and notable scholarship, having an uncompromising faith in being guided by the good Holy Spirit, the effects of the fruit of that Arthur Gasser and Bertha Hartzler union so wonderfully reflect the Apostle Paul's fruit of the Spirit.

Includes genealogy, descent, and autobiography.