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Title: LIKE ONLY YESTERDAY Subtitle: The Memoirs of Donald E Noble
Author: Donald E. Noble
ISBN: 9781888683158
Format: trade paperback
Pages: 266
Price: $10.95
      Like Only Yesterday is Donald E. Noble's story of growing up in a country wracked by the Great Depression and his struggle to get a college education against great odds. To overcome perceived handicaps, Noble developed a personal code that led him to work 20 percent more than his peers throughout his business career. A nostalgic look back at a vanishing America -- a largely rural country of farms and close-knit families -- the book is also a tribute to the free enterprise system by a man who started as a bank messenger and through hard work and perseverance rose to head one of America's most admired corporations. Noble details the phenomenal growth of Rubbermaid Incorporated and the philosophy and principles that fueled that growth. More than one man's life story, it is a handbook for young managers that is filled with practical, common sense advice on how to succeed in business by really trying.