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Author: Jenny Badman
ISBN: 9781590983065
Format: trade paperback
Pages: 72
Price: $12.95
"If I locked you in a room with Jenny Badman you would: a) understand the English sport of cricket; b) realize that Britney, Mandy, et al., are Tiffany and Debbie Gibson redux; c) fight the urge to pour creme de menthe on your skin; d) get down on all fours and bark like the dog that you are. If I locked you in a room with Jenny Badman's book of poems you would: a) lock all of your daughters in a convent; b) ingest vast quanities of French toast; c) say 1,000 Hail Marys and whip yourself senseless with brambles; d) quit your boring job and move to Bali. If I locked you in a room where Jenny Badman was performing her poems you would: buy copies of this book and become her disciples, spreading the words of J. Bad girl to far corners of the globe"
-Richard Peabody
Gargoyle editor
Mondo Barbie co-editor
"Badman's poems come in a wide variety of female voices: a princess, a slut, a prude, a diva, an ingenue, also a mother, daughter, sister, and friend. What's a nice girl like you doing in a culture like this? Jenny Badman asks herself. You are not meant to be happy, is one unblinking answer. Tonight I will brush the hair away from your face, is another. Jenny Badman's poems wait for the first stars to peek out from the night, but they also turn on the bathroom light so you can find your way. If you have been bored (as I have) by much academic & leaden verse, Jenny Badman's work will be an intoxicating blast of fresh air."
Curator of poetry & spoken word
The Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC