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Animals and Other People
Louis Bromfield
Drawings by Paul Laune
9781590981061 l $14.00

trade paperback, 256 pages; 5 1/2" by 8 1/2"

      Here is a book to delight people of all ages. Animals and Other People is about wild and domestic animals, about pets—ranging from a wild tom turkey to a mongoose—and about people who are "teched" and have that inner sense and mystical feeling which makes them one with nature and with animals and birds.

     The book ranges from comedy to tragedy. The stories are sensitive and intimate, for Louis Bromfield is aware that every animal and bird has a personality of its own and that even among cows there are music lovers, clowns, and termagants. As Ellen Bromfield Geld remarked as a child, "The trouble with the animals on this farm is that they all think they're people."