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Covered Bridges:
Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia
text by Miriam F. Wood and David A. Simmons, photography by B. Miller
9781590980354 l $39.95
hardcover with printed case and dustjacket,
304 pages, 11" by 11"

      Discover the backroads. Traveling the byways of our rich heritage, Covered Bridges connect the present to a tradition of beauty, practicality, and craftsmanship. Each structure continues to occupy a central role in the daily life of its community as each bridge links some of our history with the expectations of our future.

      Covered Bridges: Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia contains the stories of 171 historic and significant bridges; their histories and legends, who built them, their construction particulars, and the directions to find each bridge.
      This book collaborates efforts from state and local historical societies, civil and county engineers, and the lifelong experience of two of the most knowledgeable authorities on covered bridges and combines this with the photographic excellence, and patience, of a dedicated scenic photographer. Their combined commitment to exploring and educating about covered bridges is over eighty-eight years.
      This book is a compendium of information-but more than that-it is a celebration of the beauty and human ingenuity of covered bridges.
over 250 full color photographs
more than 40,000 words of local history and bridge building lore
fully indexed with locations, directions, and chronologies
304 pages
hardcover with sewn binding 11"x11"
Shipping cost is $6.00, not $5.00