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From My Experience:
The Pleasures and Miseries of Life On a Farm
Louis Bromfield
Introduction by Janet Flanner (Genêt)
Drawings by Kate Lord
9781888683554 l $15.95

trade paperback, 306 pages; 5 1/2" by 8 1/4"

      In this very great phrase, "Reverence for Life," I too found what I had sought for so long. It explained not only my thoughts, but the emotions and instincts which I had long experienced as a man. It is one of those phrases which, stimulating thought to an almost unbearable degree, illuminates the darkness like the switching on of a powerful light bulb-a phrase which is fecund and keeps breeding thought upon thought, conception upon conception upon conception. It was like the bursting of a rocket high in the darkness of the night air.

"From My Experience ... is full of stimulating ideas, fascinating for anyone who understands or wishes to understand something of land and people and animals and plants-their relations to economics, science and the vast scheme of life itself. But it ... catches one's attention in a different way and draws one back to read it , searchingly, again and again. For in it, cleanly and powerfully concentrated, is the story of a man's search for the meaning of living."

-Ellen Bromfield Geld
The Heritage: A Daughters Memories of Louis Bromfield