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You Can Go Home Again:
Adventures of a Contrary Life
Gene Logsdon
9781590982181 l $13.95
trade paperback; 232 pages; 5 1/4" by 8 1/4"

"If the whole country [where I live] were covered with fresh snow and all the tracks of my wanderings over it were imprinted there, almost every section of land in any of the thirteen townships would show my trails. In some places, my crisscrossing footsteps would be so numerous as to pack the snow solid. The eight hundred-some miles of roadways in the county I had also traveled many times. Along every trail and every road were places where little events important to me had happened-trysting places, tiny adventures that shaped or influenced my life in some small or large way. This was home, and it was so vast and deep and high and wide that I could never tire of it."
-Gene Logsdon
"Gene Logsdon demonstrates once again that a combination of intelligence, scholarship, passion, and fervent patriotism can equal only one characteristic these days, a contrary mind of a high order."
-Wes Jackson, The Land Institute