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Great Possessions
An Amish Farmer's Journal
David Kline
Introduction by Wendell Berry
9781888683226 l $17.95
trade paperback, 235 pages; 5 1/4" by 8 1/4"

      Reading Great Possessions is like taking a walk around David Kline's Amish farm with him in every season. Through his simple, elegant prose, Kline conveys the joy and splendor of not only observing the natural world on his small farm, but of actually participating in nature's perennial cycle. Kline and his family and brethren go beyond simply coexisting with nature; they become stewards, shepherds, and ultimately advocates for the gracefulness of working the land.

      Celebrate the living seasons on an Amish farm; hear bird sing while working in community, David Kline's eloquent paean "announces on every page that the world is good." -Wendell Berry

David Kline is Bishop of the Elm Grove East church.