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The Rains Came
A Novel of India
Louis Bromfield
9781590989371 l $20.00

trade paperback, 597 pages; 5 1/4" by 8 1/4"

      A torrential force, like the rains and floods it depicts, the novel's expansive scope resonates with issues that are still relavent today

      "Here is no ordinary novel, but rather a tour de force."
            -The New York Times
      "Simultaneously huge, informative, serious and really entertaining."
            -New Statesman & Nation
      "A novel packed with incident, excitement, pictures, and vigor. The Rains Came is good storytelling."
            -Saturday Review of Literature
      "The Rains Came makes its bid for being classed as a ''great' novel--the story is rich in implications that give it values overarching the realistic account of individual experience."
            -London Times Literary Supplement