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The Farm
Louis Bromfield
Introduction by James M. Hughes

Drawings by Kate Lord
9781888683332 l $15.95

trade paperback, 355 pages; 5 1/2" by 8 1/4"

      In daylight, Bromfield wrote and worked in his garden [in Senlis France where The Farm was written]. At night, he dreamed of buying a farm. He dreamed of his boyhood Pleasant Valley.

"I would find myself returning to the country-going back again to the mint-scented pastures of
Pleasant Valley, or to the orchards of my grandfather's farm. It was as if all the while my spirit were tugging to return there-as if I was under a compulsion. And those dreams were associated with the sensation of warmth and security and satisfaction that was almost physical. I found myself spending more and more of my sleeping hours in the country where I was born. And always what I dreamed of was Ohio-and my own country"

-Louis Bromfield