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 Wilderness Plots
Tales about the Settlement of the American Land
Scott Russell Sanders
9781590981825 l $12.95
paperback, 128 pages, 5" by 7 1/2"

      Wilderness Plots is made up of fifty brief tales that chronicle the period of settlement of the Ohio Valley, roughly 1780 to 1850. Beginning with the discovery of the Ohio River by LaSalle and ending with the Civil War, this region was the West, the exciting new frontier.

      Written with power and compression of folklore, these tales bring to life the unmemorialized common folks who carried out this epic adventure.

      Our ancestors went through very much the same trials everywhere, from New England to California to Alaska. They wrestled with the land and its inhabitants for more than two centuries before there were any cities of industries to speak of, and since we have all been shaped by that prolonged wrestling, this encounter with the wilderness is one of the deepest, truest, and most abiding subjects in our literature.